Financial Support 


Certainly the most valuable support you can offer is to help PRAYING for the new churches being started around the globe by Great Commission Association, and by helping the leaders and the trainees of these new works. If you can commit to regularly praying, you will have a profound and dynamic effect on the spiritual battle where the Word of Truth is only now reaching thousands of people in “the remotest parts of the earth.”

Also, if you can lend any financial support, we have tremendous needs in many parts of the world and the Dominican Republic for everything from travel expenses to training materials and equipment for new churches.

Furthermore, some of people being reached in these works are coming to know the new life of peace that the Gospel provides, but as new church attendees, many also need food, clothing and medical supplies.

Please consider making a commitment to pray regularly, and if possible to make any donation of any size, even on a regular basis as well, if God so leads.


Thank you!