Insights Cover

Soldiers of the Cross


In this world, our burdens may grow deep,
Struggles and trials may feel, oh, so steep!
But all will seem so small, when we walk into Glory.
Welcome home, He’ll say: Let our Savior tell the story…

“Your hurts and pains forgotten
Your tears wiped clean away…”
Come now, soldiers of the Cross,
Come close to hear Him say…

“Every step you took, I walked closely all the way,
No battle that you faced, or cares that called your name,
Were hidden from My sight, not even the deepest pain.
Now welcome home, my child, to such joy unexplained!”

The journey that you take to shine for Jesus’ fame,
Causes heaven to rejoice and glorifies His name.
Each cup of water given or blessing you’ve bestowed,
Is counted as a gift, whether seen or not, below.

So, carry on, dear soldier, for God is at your side.
He’s clothed you in His armor and His peace, it will reside.
Refreshment, it will find you and grace that flows beyond,
For you serve the KING of KINGS who commands the Heavens’ dawn!

Judges 5:2b —when the people willingly offer themselves—Praise the Lord!

~ Elizabeth Sebek