About Martindale Ministries



Martindale Ministries takes the command to “Go” seriously.


Herschel Martindale has been involved in pastoral work for over 50 years, speaking on the radio, teaching in churches and conferences around the world, planting and helping plant numerous churches in the USA. He is one of the founders of Great Commission Churches (GCC-USA), and led internationally to start churches in many other countries. 

Herschel developed a leadership training plan and equipping tools for spiritual growth, using technology and media from Herschel’s teaching ministry. Books, DVDs, and other materials are available here, some to buy, some for free. For 40 years, the Building Convictions series has been used to train many in the basics of the Christian life. This series is available in DVD format for use in local church small groups and for follow-up training of new believers. There are 50, 20-28 minute messages covering many of the foundational truths that a young believer needs to grow strong as a Christian. When you lead someone to the Lord, you can go through these sessions once a week, helping someone apply them to their lives in practical ways that week, and in one year, know that you’ve helped them be grounded in the truths that will provide a life-time of spiritual direction. 

Great Commission Churches partners with fellow ministries and churches that are part of the Great Commission movement around the world. The Great Commission Association was formed as a ministry of Great Commission Churches to encourage and support churches and ministries that share the Great Commission Church Core Values. Outside of the United States, there are Great Commission churches in Asia, Europe, and Latin America.


The Asia ministry was started in 1986, primarily through sending teams of international students from US colleges back to their home countries, such as Hong Kong and Singapore. Doug Brown provides leadership for GCC’s ministry to Asia. Churches have also been started in Taiwan, Japan, and Philippines. Herschel helped in those countries but travelled for many years to the Philippines along with Mike Bergen to plant churches, disciple, and begin a framework to build on that is thriving today. He established “The Basics” as a training tool at that time.


The European ministry, founded by Herschel Martindale in 1989, began with an evangelistic outreach in 1990 to Dortmund, Germany. Dan and Lori Goering and family moved there to plant churches. Today, there are Great Commission churches in Germany, Ukraine, Spain, Italy, Poland, and others. Joe Dunn, along with Dan Goering, Martin Bonnet, and Tim Powers, provide leadership for the ministry in Europe.

Latin America

The Latin American ministry began in 1976. Today Great Commission Latin America (GCLA) is led by Nelson Guerra and a team of others. Great Commission churches have been planted in countries throughout Latin America, including Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Panama, Mexico, and Dominican Republic.

United States

Jim Wiebelhaus leads the GCC student ministry focusing on reaching International students who live in the United States.

In addition to the international ministries above, GCC churches mobilize hundreds of people for short-term mission trips, all with the hope of evangelizing, establishing new churches, or strengthening existing churches.