Herschel shares an intimate Scriptural insight each day with which he has been blessed in his personal life, the result from decades of study and practice. The reader is greatly rewarded, meditating on just one "insight" throughout each day, becoming strengthened through the renewing of the mind to see our spiritual lives more clearly.

Today's Insight

Saturday, 01/19/19


I need to get “tough” for spiritual battle.

“Train yourself to be godly. For physical training is of some value, but godliness has value for all things, holding promise for both the present life, and the life to come.” (I Timothy 4:7-8)

We know the value of exercise and working out physically. We don’t hear very much teaching about spiritual disciplines and strength building. It’s interesting that the Bible says that it’s important for this life and the life to come. How are your spiritual muscles doing? The Bible says a lot about being strong. We are to be strong in faith, in the Word, in spirit, in the Lord, in His power, and in His grace.

Let’s think of a few of these. How can we train ourselves to be strong in the Word? When I first trusted Christ as my Savior, I knew very little about the Bible. I needed to read it as much as I could. I began memorizing verses on different subjects and little by little the Bible became a part of my life daily. As a young Christian, my faith was not strong but as I began believing God’s Word and trusting God to do what He promised, I started trusting God for greater things. I developed an attitude or spirit that God could do whatever He promised. I become stronger in Spirit. Some of the verses I memorized were about God’s grace. I learned that God resists the proud and gives grace to the humble.. I didn’t know how proud I really was. Grace is God’s love in action in our lives as we yield to Him, and as we trust and obey Him. I didn’t know either that God valued humility. I began to see that the reason I didn’t trust God or pray was my selfishness and pride. As I began to realize God’s value of humility, I began to see this more and more, and asked God to help me grow in this area.

In Ephesians 1:19, God says that His power is “incomparable”. That means that nothing in life is greater than the power of God. As we humble ourselves and trust and obey HIM, there will be nothing that is too hard for God to help us through.


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