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Click on each title below to download Acrobat PDFs of the Building Conviction series Study Guides for small groups.


Parts 1-5 - A New Beginning

You have begun a new life in Christ. Introduction to one of the most exciting lives possible.

1. How Can I Be Born Again?
2. Who Is This Jesus?
3. Can I Know That I Have Eternal Life?
4. A New Beginning
5. Sharing My New Faith


Parts 6-10 - Growing Spiritually

We look at the basic habits and foundations essential for spiritual growth and progress.

6. Baptism
7. Church
8. The Word of God
9. Prayer
10. Let’s Have a Quiet Time


Parts 11-15 - God's Will & Plan

Discover God's blueprint for spiritual success, understanding God's will for your life.

11. Only One Life
12. God’s Will & Plan
13. “Make Disciples”
14. God’s Love Motivates Us
15. Jerusalem, Judea, The World


Parts 16-20 - Amazing Grace

What does God want to do in and through you? How to live in the supernatural.

16. Amazing Grace
17. God IN Us
18. Is Anything Too Hard For The Lord?
19. What About My Human Nature?
20. Sin & Temptation


Parts 21-25 - The Holy Spirit

Who is the Holy Spirit and what are His purposes? We look at ways the Holy Spirit works in and through our lives.

21. The Holy Spirit, Our Helper
22. The Baptism with The Holy Spirit
23. The Ministry Gifts of The Holy Spirit
24. The Sign Gifts of The Holy Spirit
25. How to Be Filled with The Holy Spirit


Parts 26-30 - Spiritual Warfare

Life's road is very bumpy. God has answers for our difficulties and practical ways to overcome the obstacles a believer faces.

26. Satan, Our Adversary
27. Jesus, Our Example
28. Spiritual Warfare
29. God Acts Upon Our Faith
30. Taking Thoughts Captive


Parts 31-35 - Developing Character Qualities

God's character makes you stronger than your struggles.

31. Humility, The Greatest
32. Love, A New Commandment
33. Unity, Working Through Conflict
34. Courage & Zeal
35. Faith Is The Victory


Parts 36-40 - A Different Spirit

The difference between success and failure is often attitude. Here are 5 attitudes which please God.

36. A Different Spirit
37. Rejoicing
38. Being Thankful
39. Giving
40. Enduring


Parts 41-45 - Overcoming Obstacles

Every obstacle can be an opportunity. God shows us how.

41. Encouraging
42. Sexual Idolatry
43. Using Our Spiritual Weapons
44. Overcoming Obstacles
45. Living In Victory


Parts 46-50 - Leadership

These essential qualities develop the maturity that can impact others to step into all God has created them to be and do.

46. Leadership - Introduction
47. Leadership - Character Qualities
48. Leadership - Practicing
49. Loving His Appearing