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Buidling Commitments

Building Commitments

When I went to the Philippines a few years ago, I was asked to start training leaders in the churches there. I initially started something we called “the Basics.” But over time, even though churches were getting started, more trainees added, and people getting saved, they weren’t effective in training others, the principle of “multiplication” we value so highly in Great Commission. I realized there was a need for accountability, coaching, and equipping them AS they trained others.

I didn’t want to just start churches. I wanted to invest my time into men, who would continue to reach their country, and beyond, long after I left. So, we worked on a group of 25 commitments, or habits, that I’ve found effective men of God have as foundational in their lives. The Great Commission doesn’t say “teach them to KNOW all I’ve commanded you,” but to OBEY. That seems to be where most discipling approaches break down. So we are taking the time to refine this approach, first in the Philippines, then in the Dominican Republic, and now with a number here in the US, to test and refine this equipping approach. We are now starting to put them into video clips, and an online accountability, we refer to as “Building Commitments.”

 ~ Herschel Martindale